The Dawn of IYF

It was 1996 and I had a part-time job at a health club in Mishawaka, IN to earn a little extra money, get a free membership, and meet new people (ok, girls :). Kelly would routinely come in and I admired her commitment plus upbeat, yet shy, personality. We quickly discovered a lot in common, but also found we balanced our differences.

Fast forward to today, we have been married since 1998, relocated seven times, remain committed to exercise, and enjoy a happy life. This doesn't mean things have always been easy, as a matter of fact a fitness focused life and positive mindset is often difficult. Like anything though, with practice, time, and consistency we have discovered good habits develop in persistent ways.

We are excited to share our experiences through the dawn of a new lifestyle brand, Illuminate You Fitness (IYF). By combining our love for fitness and life, we will share how we've learned body and mind balance.

This is a starting point for where we see IYF going; we invite you to join us on this journey and appreciate your support. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


Matt (Kelly too)