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Bring Structure to Your Workouts

Maintaining a consistent workout routine can be challenging, especially when we have busy schedules with school or work. But scheduling a workout can help provide structure to our routine, ensuring that we prioritize our health and fitness.

With the convenience of online live interactive classes, we can now workout wherever we are. Illuminate You Fitness (IYF) is an online fitness studio that offers barre, mat pilates, and stretching classes through live interactive classes and a growing on-demand library. The best part is that many of these classes don't require any equipment other than a soft surface and support like a wall or chair, making it accessible for everyone.

IYF also offers monthly fitness challenges that are self-paced and anonymous, encouraging clients to blend IYF classes with other fitness activities like walking, running, biking, or hiking. These challenges encourage you to get outdoors for a break throughout the day and provide motivation to stay on track.

One of the biggest advantages of IYF classes is the time savings over commuting to a studio. With our online live classes, you can simply log in from wherever you are and participate in a class. This flexibility enables the portability of your workout not only at school or work, but also when traveling. And with the low cost of our classes compared to other online studios that may require you to purchase expensive hardware or exercise devices, you can get fit without breaking the bank.

Another advantage of IYF classes is the interactive nature of our classes. You can communicate with our instructor, Kelly, in real-time, getting personalized feedback and guidance during your workout. This level of engagement can help ensure that you are using proper form and getting the most out of each class.

In comparison to the structured nature of school or work, IYF online fitness classes offer a similar level of organization and routine to your workout regimen. By scheduling a workout during your day and participating in IYF classes, you can add a consistent and structured fitness routine to your daily schedule, just like attending a regular class or meeting.


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